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PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:50 am 
How about Scavo and Beverly...............

And the other post it is loser............but they may be looser too, I dont know who they are...........

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:14 am 
Guest wrote:
guest 2 wrote:
I'm just wondering, do you have children in the district? Have you ever had children in the district? The cost of supplies, utilities, and all other things a district would need to be able to function go up in price. The thought of prices being the same as last year is unrealistic so naturally prices go up. So by telling people a no vote creates a "no new taxes" situation, no new taxes also cause a loss for the children in the district. So if you put your finger on the no button I want you to think of you or your children having opportunities taken away from them when they had them.

To the parent who asked me if I would want opportunities taken away from them. My kids have had schools taken away from then. I was a split session kid in the eighties. My parents moved because they couldn't pay taxes. My sister and her family are in foreclosure because her husband can't find work. Take my family into account when you vote you greedy bitch.

Everyone has to do with less, except teachers, Falco's and Scabo's

I hope you die a slow painful miserable death---instead just keep living your miserable life that will make me happy knowing you are out there suffering-

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:47 pm 
The real pity is that the only ones that are suffering are the kids. The administrators make a ton of money and got raises. The teachers make great money with great benefits. Over the past 5 years the budget has been raised every year to the tune of about $40 million dollars. And, what have the kid got out of it? Cuts, Cuts and more cuts. It is terrible that in this year when once again we will run a huge surplus that all activities are cut.

Don't play into the districts hands. They threaten and pit residents against each other. They are divisive. Isn't it time you just say no to an increase of even one penny more until they show you some value for that extra $40 million over the past 5 years. They are going to threaten increased class sizes. Cutting of sports and other things. Guess what they have already done these things. It is about time they offer cuts of their own. These peopl pure and simple are greedy pigs!

Go to page 21 of all Sachem's Finical statements and read them. http://www.sachem.edu/board/budget12/fi ... mation.htm

This year's and next year's budgets are horribly inflated and designed to increase reserves not educate students.

2012-13 Budget ...298,787,501---Estimated Expenses ...298,787,50
The BOE is estimating expenses will increased by $41 million over the last two while state aid is shrinking. This is a very bad guess.

2011-12 Budget ...287,834,125---Estimated Operating Expenses...287,834,125 after a $10 million cut in staff and services. Actual numbers will be available in October 2012
(Since last year's operating expense was $266,307,242 and this year the BOE cut expenses by $10 million and increased the budget to $287,834,125.... This year's expenses are estimated to increased by $31.5 million and way out of line with prior expenses. Do the math)

2010-11 Budget ...282,111,665---Actual Operating Expenses...266,307,242---+ 1 time roof repair 3,107,000... 12,697,423 under budget
2009-10 Budget ...277,694,940---Actual Operating Expenses...261,609,366--+ 1 time roof repair 3,806,872... 12,278,702 under budget
2008-09 Budget ...278,801,607---Actual Operating Expenses...267,926,888---10,874,719 under budget
2007-08 Budget ...274,707,921---Actual Operating Expenses...265,060,293---9,647,628 under budget
2006-07 Budget ...266,665,361---Actual Operating Expenses...262,000,417---4,664,944 under budget

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