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 Post subject: Web Site
PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2004 8:34 am 
This site is getting worse and worse. It started with misinformation, than went to character assassination, than to out right lies. It is getting more and more like a teenage chat room. Instead of stating your views and watching for others to give their views, the same people go on day after day and say the same thing. I think they should get a life. This site will not last much past the budget vote. The sites author is doing a poor job of monitoring this site.

[i]Dear Disgusted,

If you believe this site started with misinformation kindly consider posting the material misrepresentations. Or if you prefer I would be delighted to take you on a tour of all the budgets, appendixes, newsletters and other district documentation to show you the facts. You can remain anonymous, I never ask a resident their name.

This board is anonymous free speech. If someone is mentioned they are called and offered an opportunity to respond. If the party prefers, the administrator post a response on their behalf.

The administrator corrects material misrepresentations if they go unanswered for several hours. An opinion is different than a material misrepresentation of a fact.

When someone trashes someone else’s topic, I either open a new topic like T picks on T and delete the posts on the other topic. If someone attacks a candidate's family member the post is deleted. If someone mentions someone else’s name in a negative way, I XXXX the name.

As administrator, I prefer to post on the board as little as possible. I don’t answer questions unless they go unanswered for at least 24 hours. The way I prefer to answer people's questions are by phone or e-mail to info@sachemunspun. To date, I have answered e-mail 144 inquiries. Tonight at 12:32 PM I have another 4 to go.

I normally check the bulletin board 3 or 4 times a day. You will know when I’m on the board, my name appears on the opening page.

I believe this site has opened many eyes and shows how diverse we all are.
I hope the posts continue long after the budget passes or fails.
Some topics I like to see are.
Why do our students need 4 hours of homework?
Is teaching to the test such a terrible thing?
Should we dump reading recovery?
Can anything be done to improve our school report cards?
Is it fair for the commissioner to make it almost impossible for a good kid with an IQ of 85 to graduate?
Is it time to fund education through state income tax?
When a young student becomes fidgety and inattentive is it caused by attention deficit disorder or a math and reading program that are to complex for the kid to understand?
If the students can’t touch, enjoy or learn from it, do we need it?
Lets talk about $1,000,000 + administrate blunders.
My wish list of interesting topics could go on forever.
Imaging teachers and parents hashing out problems and ideas anonymously.
Unspunadministrator Fred Gorman[/i]

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