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PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:12 am 
This Tuesday there is a very important local election. Rick Cunha one of Sachem own is running against Candidate #3 Kepert for town Council. Here are some very important reasons why we need to elect Rick Cunha for Councilperson:

-Kepert has two full time jobs and collects a paycheck from taxpayers for each of these jobs. She is a full time teacher at Longwood and the council person. If you have ever tried to contact her it is next to impossible. She teaches during the day and doesn’t call you back. They are two full time jobs. She is short changing us and making us pay for it at the same time. As teachers will tell you on this site, a lot of work and hours go into a teaching job so how can she do both? She can’t!

- On her website Kepert has bragged that her big accomplishment for the district is that she was responsible for a new dog park. That’s right a park for dogs! With all the fiscal problems we have her self proclaimed big accomplishment is a dog park. Let’s get it right for our kids first, than worry about the dogs!

- Kepert has been a very big advocate of promoting a hiring hall for day laborers/illegal aliens in Farmingville. The vehicle to doe this was the Farmingville Vision project that she got a grant for the Sustainable Long Island group to run. It was supposed to be resident driven. What a joke! Lesko and Kepert and to postpone the project until after the election because it was drawing to much attention and creation too much political heat. Kepert wants the hiring hall in Sachem not Longwood.

- Kepert is pushing for affordable housing in the district. This is type of housing would be funded by, you guessed it, you and me. Do we really want this and can we really afford this? Candidate #3 if you want to do taxpayers a favor just stop spending our money!

- Kepert claims she has gone after illegal housing. What a joke. Kepert and Lesko closed down one house that was actually legal. There was a legitimate relative sharing the house. It was a very distasteful political payback move designed to make it look like they were going after illegal housing. Very simply they are not, just look around.

- Kepert and the town of Brookhaven have refused to enforce code rules. There are now open markets on horseblock road near the clock on Farmingville. These open markets are illegal. Kepert, Lesko and Brookhaven give them a pass.

Kepert never saw a dollar she didn’t want to spend. She has not represented the Sachem part o the district at all. The Longwood area seems to be her primary concern. This is going to be a very close election. It’s an of year and every vote will count. Vote for Sachem’s own Cunha! We need someone watching out for our interests.

Other important elections is for Town Supervisor. We need to vote Lesko out. He was also behind the sustainable Farmingville Vision project that is designed to bring a hiring hall to own town. If you disagree with his position he calls you “uncivil”. Vote this clown out. We need someone looking out for our interests.

Finally, to show we are bi partisan, vote Kathleen Walsh out. She is a republican that sold out to become deputy director for Lesko. She has become his lap dog. Why did she do this? For a $50,000 raise that came with the position. Vote for the democrat in this one, Ira Bernstein.

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